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By: allaboutgilbertaz | December 11, 2017

Being the fastest growing municipality in the United States, Gilbert Arizona is really blessed having its amazing parks. It’s one of the reason why many people visiting Gilbert because of it’s fantastic for taking the family and your dog for walks, plenty to see. Some of the parks offer many activities: snazzy play area for kids, covered picnic tables, and a really cool disc golf course that reminds you for a put golf course with obstacles. If you are moving to Gilbert, here are some details about its parks in Gilbert Arizona and to be visited.


This beautiful and serene park is great to stop by when you have a break between classes and grab some fresh air while walking through the trails. Discovery park has 2 ponds for fishing, large fields for kid’s sports (basketball or sand volleyball),a small playground with a fun climbing rock, lots of veranda areas for picnics (with power and bbq grills), and butterfly garden.


Cosmo Dog Park

This park is a very nice dog park. The parking is situated up on the hill and the dog area is down below. There are nice sidewalks that make it easy to get to the fenced in area and to train your dog. The Cosmo Dog Park has 3 section areas; there is a small dog section, then a bigger fenced area for the larger dogs and the Lake section, for those dogs who love playing water and to train your dog to swim. The park also has a wash station for dogs.



Nice quiet little Park. Not tiny, not huge, but is a good size field for those to play football, a drinking fountain, also a poke stop and a gym. John Allen Park is nearby to Breckenridge Manor and Sonora Town. It is also close to Parquasito Verde Park, Library Park and Village Square Shopping Center.



This is about the coolest small park in the east valley. It has the right mix of historic Gilbert and the new, increasingly hip Gilbert. It has an active water features to keep the kids happy and cool, plus tranquil water features to help grown-ups chill. Lots of seating areas and grass too, making this a nice spot to enjoy your Dutch Bros coffee, Joe’s BBQ, Liberty marker and Postino’s Wine Café. And another water feature that was added in a small pop-jet fountain splash play area where little kids can enjoy some good, wet fun and a water wall with cantilever bench and illuminated blue glass windows.


Larose Train Park has good activities for many ages and a family oriented. The park is really fun if your kids like slides. There are a few slides here, some that are twisty tunnel style, a couple that are straight rocket shots down, and a few smaller ones for the littlest kids. Play structure is huge and is great for all ages. The park across the street at the church or Doctor’s office though if you don't live in the subdivision.

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